Bedroom Fireplaces

Written by Robert Mac
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Bedroom fireplaces are a cozy addition to a home, and a great place to fall asleep on a cold night--but make sure you put the fire out first. The only problem with a traditional fireplace in the bedroom is the inherent dangers of having a fire next to sleeping bodies. It's a disaster that's happened too many times before.

Electric Bedroom Fireplaces

Today, though, we have the ability to take the best elements from a regular fireplace--glowing embers and radiant heat--and combine them with the conveniences of modern technology. Electric bedroom fireplaces work the same way as wood-burning fireplaces--they even look like real fireplaces--but without the dangers of a live fire. Just plug them in and curl up with your favorite book.

The advantages of an electric fireplace bring a warm smile to your face, too. No smoke like a wood-burning fireplace. No dangerous fumes like a gas fireplace. Really, the only outlay of energy is no greater than that of a common lamp. And it's fully adjustable.

Electric bedroom fireplaces can be turned up or down like a dimmer switch, and if it's getting too hot in your room--you can turn the heat off! Bask in the realistic flames and you'll never have to chop another piece of firewood in your life. (Although you will have to replace a light bulb every couple of years or so--but it's well worth the trade.) An electric fireplace creates all the comforts of a roaring fire but in a much safer way.

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