Cast Iron Floor Registers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Regulating air circulation in your home is as important for energy conservation as it is for comfort. A house with improper circulation is not only uncomfortable; it is probably also costing you more than you know on your energy bill. Good ventilation ducts and registers that can be easily opened and closed are great ways of regulating your air circulation.

Attractive Air Circulation Options

In the old days, when everything in your home was made by hand, it was common for even the most mundane objects to sport some sort of intricate design. Floor registers, for instance, were usually made from cast iron with beautiful, elegant patterns. These days, floor registers usually come in one style: gray and boring.

If you're looking to upgrade your floor registers, there are plenty of options out there. Cast iron floor registers are some of the most beautiful registers out there; they hearken back to an earlier, more romantic time while remaining extremely utilitarian. The cheap registers that come with a new home are usually made out of aluminum, which is prone to bending and even cracking.

Cast iron floor registers are (like everything in the good old days, it seems) incredibly sturdy. They are made for foot traffic, and will probably last longer than you or your home. Their sturdy design also makes them easy to open and close, even if they're trampled on all day long.

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