Cast Iron Trivets

Written by Charles Peacock
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Cast iron trivets are wonderful accessories for those who love old fashioned items in the home. Interestingly enough, the word trivet actually comes from the old English trifet, which literally means "three feet." Most trivets, however, have four feet--which is actually advantageous in terms of stability if you're using them to hold hot pots or kettles.

Using Cast Iron Trivets

Trivets actually have two major purposes. They are great for cooking on, especially if you have an old fashioned gas stove. Placing your pot or pan on top of a trivet removes it slightly from the heat of the stove, while the trivet acts to conduct the heat evenly across the bottom cooking surface. Good trivets will give you a much better cooking experience than if you simply cook without one.

One measure of a good trivet is how well it goes up and down in temperature. Good trivets will respond quickly to increased or decreased heat--they don't retain heat as much as they conduct it. You can actually make up for a bad pan by placing it on top of a good trivet.

Trivets are also useful as a protective layer between a hot pot and a table surface. They can make a nice elegant stand for your cooking pots and pans when you want to place them directly on the kitchen table. Keep in mind that trivets are very good at conducting heat, however, so they still might do some damage to a wooden table if you place them directly on top without a tablecloth beneath.

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