Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Cast stone fireplace mantels open a door to all sorts of exciting design options. Whether you're moving into a new house or condominium or renovating the one you've already enjoyed for years, a fireplace face-lift is a powerful way to set the tone of your interior decor. The fireplace, after all, has been a major focus of any room that contains one since the first were carved out of medieval castle walls in Europe.

The natural materials that cast stone fireplace mantels emulate are most often granite, limestone, slate, and marble. What is cast stone? Technically, it is a highly refined architectural concrete. Surprisingly, its earliest known use was in England in 1138.

For the last 100 years, cast stone has been used in architectural applications more and more frequently. Overall, cast stone is far less costly than the genuine article it looks like. What's more--and why it's popular in architecture--it offers precise colors, can form a wide variety of forms, and is cut easily to length.

An Assortment of Ideas for Cast Stone Fireplace Mantels

The subtle details of neo-classical mantels include dentil molding, acanthus leaves, fluted pilasters, and a carved floral motif. The rougher and more angular lines of the Gothic style might be what you're hoping to find. Rococo and Renaissance are also popular among those who appreciate both tradition and elegance. Don't be rushed as you browse cast stone fireplace mantels in magazines and online. The mantelpiece you select will set that tone and be the focal point of your home for a long time to come.

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