Corner Fireplace Mantels

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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There's no denying that corner fireplace mantels have a special character all of their own. You almost have a head start in establishing a sense of character in a room because of it. No matter what your design style, it will certainly be a pleasure for you to apply it to corner fireplaces. To give you another head start on the possibilities, let's look at a few.

Classic Corner Fireplace Mantels

Imagine an old brick house in an 18th-century town along a river. The streets are lined with trees. One wing of the house, which sits back from the street, has been converted to apartments. One--in the attic--has an especially delightful style of corner fireplace mantels. This apartment has exposed beams, slanted ceilings, and wonderful cross ventilation. The triangular corner fireplace is brick, from floor to ceiling, with a corner cupboard on the wall side. Sunlight streams in over the hearth and brick mantel in the afternoon.

Further down the same street is a long, narrow clapboard house that fronts the yard rather than the street. The narrow end facing the street is partly cloaked by a magnolia tree. The house has two chimneys and four fireplaces. All them are corner fireplaces, paneled, typical of the late 18th century and early 19th centuries, when this house was built.

Move into the city, where row houses line the narrow streets. Sidewalks are brick, and many of the fences wrought iron. A duplex runs, as many houses from the late 19th century and early 20th do, railroad fashion, back to the alley. Corner fireplace mantels and hearths of this period are often rectangular, coming at right angles from the wall.

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Classic Electric Fireplace

Helpful information!
Looks like this corner electric fireplace I found qualifies to what you have described. Yes, classic designs are still wonderful.