Cottage Fireplaces

Written by Robert Mac
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Cottage fireplaces conjure up images right out of a Norman Rockwell painting: snowy rooftops and puffing chimneys on the outside, kids and hot cocoa on the inside. It's too bad you just can't dismantle the coziness of a cottage and take it home with you. But you can: electric cottage fireplaces are just as warm as the real deal--and they're portable.

Cottage Fireplaces That You Can Take with You

Leave the cottage behind and just take the fireplace--who needs the drafty rooms anyway? We now have the technology to make portable fireplaces that plug in and turn on like any other lamp in your home. But instead of a boring white bulb, you can turn on a dancing flame--realistic fire without any of the danger. It's a virtual recreation of our oldest source of light, heat, and entertainment, but with modern packaging.

Electric cottage fireplaces go wherever you have wiring. From the cottage to the spare bedroom to a dorm room or a den: if you have an outlet, you can recreate the warmth of a comfy cottage. And they are more than just portable: you can adjust the flame and even the heat that your faux fire gives off. No more backing away because somebody added too many logs to the fire.

Electric fireplaces rekindle our love affair with the past, but in a much safer way. No sparks to worry about, or smoke inhalation, or kids getting too close to the flames. Welcome to the new millennium: the look and heat of primal fire, on and off with the flick of a switch.

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