Creosote Remover

Written by Charles Peacock
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Keeping your fireplace clean is an absolute necessity if you want to maintain a safe environment in your home. Clogged flues and chimneys can lead to smoke backing up into your home, which can be much more than just an annoyance. In addition, soot and creosote deposits inside your chimney can lead to disastrous chimney fires that are very difficult to put out and can cause permanent damage to your home.

Keeping Your Chimney Clear

Creosote is a dark brown or black tar that is deposited on the walls of your chimney as a byproduct of normal wood burning. The problem with creosote is that it in itself is highly flammable--it is easily ignitable and can burn at temperatures up to 3,000° F. Should a creosote fire ignite inside your chimney, it is absolutely necessary to call the fire department immediately. Putting the fire out yourself is basically impossible.

Creosote deposits take a long time to build up, so using your fireplace a few times isn't going to lead to enough to enough deposits to put you in danger. After a whole season of use, however, it's a good idea to have your chimney professionally cleaned. In addition, you can purchase bottles of creosote remover that will help you remove creosote deposits from inside the fireplace itself.

Since chimney sweeps typically deal only with cleaning your chimney, having some creosote remover on hand is a useful part of keeping your fireplace system clean. Creosote also has a tendency to build up on things like glass doors inside your fireplace and andirons, and a bottle of remover will help you get it off quickly and easily. Creosote is a very sticky, tacky substance and it is necessary to use a special liquid to get it off.

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