Custom Fireplace Mantels

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Custom fireplace mantels might be just the ticket for any number of good reasons. Perhaps you want to convert a modern hearth into a traditional one. But you have a glass-fronted, three-sided fireplace that divides your dining room from your living room. Where and how you do tackle that problem? Does anyone offer mantels that wrap around two corners?

Another possibility is that your fireplace is traditional--whether a corner or a wall style--but not a standard size. Maybe it's off by just an inch or so. That's enough of a difference to pose a real problem. After all, you're not that handy with woodworking and don't have the right tools, anyhow. Custom fireplace mantels could be your only option.

You might think that the cost of custom fireplace mantels might be prohibitive. Surprisingly, perhaps, they are not. Well, they aren't if you're buying a regular style that needs only to be adapted to your measurements. If you're thinking in terms of having a mantel and surround designed especially for you, yes, the expense might well be high. It might be well worth it as well, however. Maybe the wood is from a tree on your property, for example, a once in a lifetime opportunity. For a custom mantel shelf only, you're back in the reasonable range.

Custom Fireplace Mantels: the Critical Measurements

The adage "measure twice, cut once" is well worth heeding. You need to take very careful measurements when planning for any custom woodwork. The standard set of measurements for a fireplace include the firebox, the faceplate, the hearth, the surround, and the mantel shelf. For each, take a precise measure of the width and depth of both inner and outer dimensions. These dimensions, by the way, are just as important for buying stock fireplace mantels.

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