Draft Inducers

Written by Charles Peacock
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Everyone knows how great it is to have a fireplace or wood burning stove in the home, but those who have one also know that they require some maintenance. No matter how clean you keep your chimney, for instance, you may find that your fireplace or stove is always leaking a little bit of smoke back into your room. This can be annoying--and it can also be dangerous if the carbon monoxide is one of the gases leaking back in.

Solving Draft Problems in Your Stove

Stove draft problems have several possible causes, ranging from a poorly designed chimney system to a stove or fire that is too large for its exhaust system. Luckily, if you're experiencing either of these problems, there are simple things you can do to fix them. One of the easiest solutions is to install a special fan in your stove that will help get the smoke out more efficiently.

Draft inducers are specially designed fans intended to increase circulation in your fireplace and chimney. Installed in your stovepipe, draft inducers create negative pressure in the stove itself. This increases the flow of air up through the chimney, and prevents smoke from leaking out through seams or cracks in the stove itself.

Draft inducers have an added benefit: they can also help you get a fire started more quickly. Since they create a good draft, they help move oxygen into the stove which is needed for the fire to start. Draft inducers are also specially designed to resist heat, so they will not be damaged by the high temperatures inside your stovepipe.

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