Electric Fireplace Inserts

Written by Robert Mac
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Electric fireplace inserts fit into preexisting fireplaces or in new walls designed to have a built-in fireplace. Rather than purchasing the whole mantel, you can just get the insert, plug it in, and turn it on. In no time you'll enjoy the warmth of a realistic fireplace brightening your home, or turn the heat off and just watch the convincing flames dance.

If you already have a wood-burning fireplace that you'd like to convert to a cleaner, safer means of heating a room, the best way to go is electric. Or, if you are constructing a wall to accept a built-in fireplace--can you have a wood-burning fireplace in a wood-framed wall?--electric fireplace inserts are the solution. Since they don't require venting or gas lines, you can fit them anywhere with a standard 120 volt outlet.

Electric Fireplace Inserts Make Any Place a Fire Place

The advantage of electric fireplaces isn't necessarily the controllable heat they give off, but the fact that they are essentially space heaters and lamps: you can plug them in like any appliance. While gas- and wood-burning fireplaces or stoves have strict codes regarding placement, venting, and operation, an electric fireplace can be plugged in anywhere.

The only prerequisite for electric fireplace inserts is that the area--like all electric appliances--must be dry. If you are putting an insert in an existing fireplace, the chimney must be sealed. Other than that--and some sizing considerations to make sure your insert fits into its space--there's nothing else to do other than turning it on. No priming the chimney, collecting kindling, or checking the gas line: going electric means you're a switch away from a glowing fire.

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