Electric Fireplace Manufacturers

Written by Robert Mac
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Electric fireplace manufacturers have been producing realistic "fake fire" hearths for generations. While the styles and technologies behind these products differ, the ultimate goal is the same: to recreate the look and feel of an actual wood-burning fireplace. Not all the electric fireplace manufacturers achieve this goal, while others are mastering it--and constantly getting better.

The Best Electric Fireplace Manufacturers

Dimplex has been producing electric fireplaces for half a century, and is the world leader in electric heating. They have witnessed other companies rise and fall during their tenure, and have grown considerably over that time. In 1991, they acquired a number of other competitive companies to take control of a larger piece of the North American market.

Dimplex has stayed in the game by continually innovating. Other electric fireplace manufacturers create a product and rest on their laurels, but Dimplex keeps improving. In 1997, they burned the competition when they created the first realistic wood-burning electric flame effect; since then, they've received 19 patents for varying electric flame technologies.

You can find Dimplex products in residences, commercial sites, and in industrial applications. They run the gamut from do-it-yourself fireplaces for the average homeowner to complex designs for licensed builders. After 50 years, their designs are as practical as they are easy to use--that's how they've managed to be around this long.

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