Electric Stoves

Written by Robert Mac
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Electric stoves add a quaint feel to any room, and heat, too--if that's what you want. Since they are electric, you can turn the heat off and just watch the lifelike flames flicker. Or, for those cold mornings or evenings, turn on the heat by activating a fan that radiates varying degrees of warmth for curling up with your favorite book.

An electric stove is a stove, after all; the only thing about them that isn't real are their flames. Made by refracted lights that dance randomly--just like the real thing--these "flames" won't catch anything on fire. And they won't make smoke, and they don't need to be vented outside, either. Think of an electric stove as a glorified lamp with a heater and great special effects.

Electric Stoves Warm Your Heart

In college I had a stove that may have been the ugliest thing imaginable: a large metal box in the middle of the room. No charm, no character, and definitely no twinkling flames. Just a big, hot box. Today's electric stoves, on the other hand, have the classic look that a stove should have. Free-standing design, old-school legs, and a glass door.

But it's more than just a look: electric stoves deliver the timeless look with modern advancements, like remote controls, dimmer switches, and a easy-to-use 120-volt plug. It's the ultimate plug and play. Old on the outside and new on the inside: that's the way to heat your toes and warm your heart at the same time. They are nostalgic, modern, and very practical, too.

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