Fireplace Designs

Written by Robert Mac
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Fireplace designs range from the ordinary to the exquisite, and most everything in between. Like just about everything else you can get these days, you can pick and choose from dozens of styles to get exactly what you want. Some fireplace designs will blend in with a motif you have in your home, while others will be attention-grabbing centerpieces.

A Variety of Fireplace Designs to Choose From

On the one end of the spectrum is a simple flat wall style that is more about the fire than the fireplace. Clean lines, beautiful woods, and a pedestal mantel make this model ideal for just about any decor. It's even available in a corner model if you don't have enough wall space, plus you can get it in a number of different stains and finishes.

Interested in more elaborate fireplace designs? How about a sculpted dark cherry fireplace with grooved pilasters? This old-school style will take you back to an earlier era when people really spent time conversing around the crackling fireplace. It looks like it was handed down from generation to generation--but in immaculate condition.

For a contemporary design, get rid of the wood altogether and get an elegant modern fireplace with inlaid ceramic tile. Definitely not your grandmother's fireplace, this sophisticated design creates a much difference ambience than a wooden one. Take your time when choosing because you'll be spending a lot of quality time sitting around it: chatting, sipping cocoa, or reading a favorite book.

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