Fireplace Fireboxes

Written by Robert Mac
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Fireplace fireboxes don't include the mantel or any of the accoutrements of a complete fireplace; they are just the box itself. For example, if you have an existing wood-burning fireplace and want to upgrade to a more efficient electric one, you don't need to get the whole thing. Just get the pre-made inner section and pop it in: voila--you have a new fireplace!

Fireplace Fireboxes Fit in New Construction Plans, Too

While fireplace fireboxes are ideal for rehabilitating old fireplaces, they are also well suited to new wall construction as well. Make sure the location is dry and not blocked by drapes, furniture, or lots of foot traffic. Construct the frame around the firebox, plug it in and you've got a new built-in fireplace that's easy to use and safe as any other appliance.

Electric fireplace fireboxes are so much more versatile than traditional fireplaces; for one thing, they plug into a standard outlet, and not into custom-built ventilation systems. Why? Because electric fireplaces don't need to vent fumes or smoke. That advantage alone means you can pretty much put them anywhere in your home--and you don't have to worry about errant sparks catching your favorite rug on fire, either.

A firebox--without the mantel surrounding it--is most often used within an old fireplace. Be sure to check that the flue is properly sealed--you won't want rain or debris falling onto your firebox. Trim kits are also available to make your firebox fit in nicely into its new home.

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