Fireplace For Mobile Homes

Written by Robert Mac
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A fireplace for mobile homes doesn't sound possible--a wood- or gas-burning one, at least. But an electric fireplace for mobile homes is a perfect match: electric fireplaces are portable (should we say "mobile"?) and don't require any expensive venting or reconstruction work. Who's seen a mobile home with a brick chimney anyway?

Cuddle up to an Electric Fireplace for Mobile Homes

Electric fireplaces are just like any other electric appliances: plug them in, turn them on, or cart them off somewhere else. They aren't tied down to a certain area--such as a chimney or gas pipe--so you can put them in non-traditional areas, including mobile homes. Their only requirement is a standard, 120-volt outlet.

While a regular fireplace may generate a lot of heat, even too much heat for small areas, this isn't a problem with a fireplace for mobile homes: just turn the heat off. Yes, you can leave the realistic flame "burning" and turn the heat down or even completely off. Fireplaces have come a long way since the time of the cavemen--who would have guessed that you could flip the heating element on and off with a simple flip of a switch?

The advantages of an electric fireplace don't end with their portability and ease of use. They are actually more efficient than traditional fireplaces--no heat gets vented outside--and are therefore more cost efficient. Practical, mobile, and efficient--just like a mobile home--only a little cheaper.

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