Fireplace Popcorn Poppers

Written by Charles Peacock
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If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, you probably get enough enjoyment just from lighting a fire and warming your room with that lovely natural heat. There are many accessories out there, however, that can help you use your fireplace in ways you may never have considered. One of my favorite accessories is the fireplace popcorn popper.

Cooking Popcorn in Your Fireplace Is Fun and Easy!

Popcorn is by far one of the most enjoyable snacks out there, since it's as fun to cook as it is to eat. Cooking popcorn in the microwave or on the stove is always easy, but it's so much more enjoyable to do it the old fashioned way: over an open flame. If you've never cooked popcorn over a fire, you'll definitely want to get a special popcorn popper and give it a shot.

Fireplace popcorn poppers are usually designed with a small square popper box on the end of a long metal stick. All you have to do is fill the box with the right amount of unpopped kernels (be careful not to overfill), then hold it over the fire for a few minutes. Voila, you'll have perfect crispy popcorn every time.

Fireplace popcorn poppers are designed with vent holes in the top that allow heat and moisture to escape while you're popping your corn. This prevents the popcorn from burning, and it also keeps it from getting too mushy. Always look for a popper with a good wooden handle, which will keep your hand from getting too hot while you're holding it over the fire.

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