Fireplace Remodeling

Written by Robert Mac
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Fireplace remodeling doesn't have to be a home-changing experience. Unless you're building a new gas- or wood-burning fireplace. In that case, call the contractor and get a hotel room for a week, because that requires some work. Any time you have to build ventilation for smoke or gas, you're in for some serious--and costly--construction.

On the other hand, electric fireplace remodeling is a beast of a different color. For one thing, an electric fireplace doesn't require venting--it's electric, just like a stereo or a toaster. There's nothing easier than installing this kind of fireplace; remodeling can be as easy as plugging into a different outlet.

Fireplace Remodeling Made Easy

Think of it this way: electric fireplaces are designed to be clean, portable, and easy to use. That means remodeling them is just as simple as getting them in the first place. Since they are clean (no sooty chimneys), it's relatively easy to prepare them for a make-over. And since they're portable, you can temporarily or permanently move them to a new location: add some new mantel surrounds, and your fireplace has a brand new look!

If you are remodeling a gas or wood fireplace, consider the advantages to upgrading to electric. No more smoke or flames--although the faux fire looks just like the real thing--and no more wasted energy, either. Instead of venting out all the toxins (and most of the heat), your newly remodeled electric fireplace keeps all the heat inside, just where you want it.

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