Fireplace Stores

Written by Robert Mac
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Fireplace stores have just about everything for the potential fireplace owner: from screens to pokers and all the other accoutrements that a roaring fire needs. Close your eyes and picture your ideal fireplace. Stores that specialize in home decor can get you everything that you see in your imagination. But what about the stuff you don't see?

Fireplace Stores Don't Carry the Other Stuff

When you visualize a traditional fireplace, you picture the mantel and the pilasters and the base, but what about the chimney? What about the ventilation system and the soot-covered flue? How about a fire extinguisher? And if you're getting a gas fireplace--do they carry the guy who crawls under your house to hook up your gas line? Probably not.

What about the contractor who has to build the fireplace, or the inspector who makes sure it was done right--do all the fireplace stores offer those services? When you get a wood- or gas-burning fireplace, you have to get a lot of other things, too, from a headache because the gas was on too high to a back ache from chopping lumber.

But if you get an electric fireplace, what you see is what you get; more importantly, what you get is all you need. An electric fireplace doesn't need to vent unhealthy fumes or smoke, so you won't need a chimney (or a builder, or an inspector, for that matter). And keep the spider-infested lumber outside: this lifelike electric flame doesn't need any. The only thing you do need is a standard plug, and that comes attached.

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