Fireplace Tool Sets

Written by Charles Peacock
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Fireplaces are beautiful, elegant and extremely useful additions to any home, but no fireplace is complete without a good tool set. How else are you going to do things like clean your fireplace, move logs and remove hot coals? The great thing about fireplace tool sets is they can be as lovely to look at as the fireplace itself, adding a nice traditional touch to your living room.

What to Look for in Fireplace Tool Sets

Any good fireplace tool set should come with four basic tools. The first is a brush or small broom, which will help you keep your ashes in a neat pile and will help you when you need to clean out the hearth. The second tool is a shovel, which makes it easy to shovel ashes or coals into a bag or a coal caddy.

If you enjoy tending to your fire, you'll also want to look for a tool set that comes with a good poker and tongs. These tools can help you move your logs around when they're hot, and can keep your fire burning hotter and longer. Most fireplace tool sets come with a nice rack that is able to hold your brush, shovel, tongs and poker.

If you're interested in a high-end tool set, you can also find sets that come with some neat extras. Things like screens and wood caddies can also come as part of the package, and if you buy them all at once, you can get a set that has a nice consistent design between all of the individual pieces. Most tool sets are made of wrought iron, which not only offers an attractive, traditional look but is also extremely durable and heat resistant.

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