Fireplace Trim

Written by Robert Mac
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Fireplace trims are the final piece in the fireplace puzzle. The surrounds are the structure around the cavity of the fireplace, and the mantel is the shelf on the top. In electric fireplaces, the heating element is the firebox. The fireplace trim is the front plate, usually with a grating and glass pane that keeps the heat and sparks inside.

Fireplace Trim Can Be Hot or Not

The advantage of fireplace trim in an electric fireplace is that it doesn't heat up nearly as much as that of a wood-burning fireplace, for instance. In fact, electric fireplaces give you the option of heat or not; you may even have a number of different settings--and a remote control, too. The only way to "turn off" the heat of wood-burning fire is to get a bucket of water or a fire extinguisher; trust me, the remote is easier.

Trims are available in a number of styles to match your interior design. Brass, stainless steel, and black matte are popular selections, or mix-and-match: brass accents stand out nicely against another metal. While most of the designs are fairly standard, there are a few that stand out.

Bay window trims are unique in that they extend out from the face of the fireplace, creating a sense of depth that the others do not. Some models look like old-school cast-iron pieces--black and heavy looking--while others are very detailed and resemble those used in coal-burning fireplaces. For some people, that goes too far back; luckily, there are enough trim designs for every taste and decor.

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