Firewood Log Racks

Written by Charles Peacock
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Anyone who has a fireplace in their home is probably all too familiar with the tough task of going outside in the cold to get more firewood. If you haven't planned ahead and brought enough wood in the house for the whole evening, that trip outside can be a shocking contrast to the warm feeling you get in front of the fireplace. Getting yourself an indoor log rack is a good way to make sure you always have enough wood right next to the fireplace.

Finding Attractive Log Holders

Most fireplaces are made with a traditional design, and are accented by old-fashioned looking fireplace tools. If this is the kind of setup you have in your home, you'll probably want to look for a nice wrought iron log rack that will match the rest of your setup. There are plenty of these models out there on the market, and they're available in all sorts of lovely hand-carved designs.

One feature that's great to look for in a log holder is a built-in handle or canvas carrier. This will allow you to carry the rack (or at least part of it) outside and load it up with logs. Having a log caddy as part of your holder will save you a lot of trips outside in the cold, and will keep you from ever having to carry a load of freezing cold logs pressed up against your chest (which I've done a few too many times).

If you're in the market for several different fireplace tools, you might want to look into buying an entire set. Many fireplace dealers offer whole sets that include everything from your log holder to a utensil set with brush, shovel, poker and tongs. One benefit of buying a whole set is that all of the implements will feature the same type of design.

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