Free Standing Fireplaces

Written by Robert Mac
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Free standing fireplaces don't even sound possible--how can a fireplace stand anywhere other than under a chimney? While traditional combustion-type fireplaces require a flue or vent to expel gases and smoke, electric free standing fireplaces don't. They are called "zero tolerance" units and can be placed anywhere there is electrical power, even near flammable materials.

Free Standing Fireplaces Are Portable

Early cave dwellers learned quickly that their stone fireplaces were permanent: you couldn't pick it up and lug it to a cold corner of the cave. Fast forward through the evolutionary process to today--we still love sitting around a glowing fire, but now we have the technology to make it more practical. Today's electric fireplaces aren't tied to chimneys as they were a generation ago; you can use them in any room.

Portability is just one advantage that electric free standing fireplaces have over their older cousins. Since they don't create a real fire--just an authentic looking visual counterfeit--you don't have to worry about any of the hazards of having a raging fire in your home, either. You can even put your free standing electric fireplace next to a bookshelf.

Another improvement over the cave dwellers' fires is control: an electric fire can be turned up or down like a stereo or other electric appliances. Want more heat? Crank it up. Want less heat and more flames? Here's the remote. We still have a long way to go to tame Mother Nature, but at least we've mastered fire and heat.

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