Gel Burning Fireplaces

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Gel-burning fireplaces are environmentally conscious, clean-burning fireplaces that use an alcohol-based gel for fuel rather than wood. Wood, of course, is the traditional fuel of fireplaces. Between the colors and heights of the flames, the deep red, glowing embers, the satisfying, smoky smell, the crackles and pops, and the dance of the wood pile as it begins its descent into disintegration, ending in a mass of dying embers, burning wood is unmatched in the sensory richness it creates.

However, wood has many drawbacks. For one, it burns "dirty." That is to say that it creates an inordinate amount of soot and ash on surface objects, as well as carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Also, though your nose may love that smoky smell of wood, your lungs do not. Wood fire smoke is irritating to the respiratory systems of all living beings. In addition, wood is a lot of work to deal with, from the storage and maintenance issues to the actual task of getting it lit and keeping it that way.

More Convenience with Gel-Burning Fireplaces

The difficulty of dealing with wood is what led to manufactured logs. That solved some of the problem, but not all of it. The issues of indoor (and outdoor) air pollution remain, along with safety and convenience issues. Gel-burning fireplaces offer satisfying answers to all of these problems. Gel-burning fireplaces are freestanding, ventless and portable. This means can safely enjoy your own fireplace in any kind of dwelling, be it a house, a rental apartment, even a mobile home.

Gel-burning fireplaces can be placed against any surface--wood floors, carpeting, tile flooring, sheetrock--without causing damage. Finally, the quality of the gel fuel burned in these fireplaces ensures safe air quality inside your home and out. Gel fuel is manufactured from isopropyl alcohol and organic thickening salts, which means that when it burns, it burns clean, leaving only a clean, water vapor byproduct.

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