Home Improvement Projects

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Home improvement projects are constructive, rewarding, and creative. The subject fills books, magazines, and websites, not to mention hardware stores on weekends. Several ideas you might not have thought about focus on fireplaces. You might want to add a fireplace or remodel a fireplace you already have. Any of these are decidedly home improvement projects. They will both add to your pleasure in your home and add to the value of your house as a property.

Home Improvement Projects: the Fireplace

If you're wanting to add a fireplace and do the work yourself, a ventless gas fireplace is probably your best option. It doesn't need a chimney. Another possibility is an electric fireplace. There are strict code specifications involved with both. These specifications have as much to do with safety as they do with architectural issues.

Less daunting home improvement projects include refacing a fireplace, replacing the mantel and surround, installing a mantel and surround, and painting. All these are creative and enhance the value of your house. What's more, and the most enjoyable, they are a powerful design tool. Remember, the fireplace has been the focal point of a room since the first was cut from the stone wall of a medieval castle.

You set the style of your home with your fireplace, especially if it's in a room you use often. It's both welcoming and very flexible in terms of your expressing yourself. Think of the dried flower arrangements in the hearth that you can change as often as you like, or the candle groupings across the mantel.

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