Kingston Fireplaces

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Kingston fireplaces are regal, stately fireplace designs with a traditional flair. Kingston fireplaces manage to have just the sufficient amount of decorative touches without being encumbered by an excess of ornamentation. If you're turned off by over-the-top rococo fireplace designs, then tasteful yet historic designs such as the Kingston may be for you.

Kingston fireplaces feature a generous, broad-faced mantel with a few carved or beveled touches, and a top shelf to hold books, framed pictures, family heirlooms, or the like. Kingston fireplaces come in a variety of woods, such as oak, walnut, pine, mahogany, or natural unfinished. If you prefer a painted mantel, Kingston mantels can be painted in your preferred color; or, if you prefer to handle the painting, you can order a Kingston in paint-grade wood to finish yourself.

Options in Kingston Fireplaces

Kingston fireplace designs are manufactured for a variety of fireplace types. The first is the traditional, wood-burning fireplace. Through antique vendors, you can even find original Kingston fireplace mantels that you can install onto your existing fireplace. Though this can be costly, if you're a purist or a collector, there is no substitute for the real thing.

However, many people are switching from traditional wood-burning fireplaces to today's modern updates on the fireplace. These new versions of the fireplace offer clean-burning alternatives to the mess, inconvenience, and pollution created by wood. Today's Kingston fireplaces come in gas burning designs, as well as economically priced, ventless, alcohol-fuel burning models that are portable as well.

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