Marbled Wood Fireplace Mantels

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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You're reading about marbled wood fireplace mantels, probably, for one of two reasons. The first of these is that in the best of all possible worlds, you would have a genuine marble fireplace. The second is that you get a real kick out of how visually persuasive faux marble is. Furthermore, you know that if you try the technique yourself and it's a flop, you can always paint over it. This isn't quite the "undo" key on your computer keyboard, but it's very close.

FAQs on Marbled Wood Fireplace Mantels

Marbled wood fireplace mantels have a distinctive flair. If you're the creative type, they are also a wonderful project to undertake for a rainy or winter weekend. Let's be honest--perhaps the effort will last a full week or so. Think about it.

Do you like the visual effect of marble and the style it conveys? Is it very likely that you will probably never either able or willing to drop several thousand dollars or more on a marble fireplace mantel? If so, marbled wood fireplace mantels are a great idea.

You can either, as we've said, undertake the marbleizing yourself, or buy an already marbled wood fireplace mantel. If you're unsure, you want learn more about what's involved in undertaking a faux painting project like this. A number of very good books treat the subject both exhaustively and creatively. Interior design magazines and web sites do the same with spot features on different techniques. That research is a good place to start.

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