Oakland Fireplaces

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Oakland fireplaces are a contemporary update on the traditional fireplace design with heavy wooden mantel. In contrast, the Oakland design features a flat black body with either brass or nickel trim, and a black fire screen with handsome brass closures. The play of classic black with brass accents yields center stage to the feature that matters most: the fire. For this reason, people looking for a handsome yet contemporary addition to their home often purchase Oakland fireplaces.

Oakland fireplaces come in a variety of price ranges depending on the manufacturer and the actual fuel-burning specifications. For example, an Oakland fireplace designed to burn on gas must be installed, properly ventilated, and connected to a gas main. Though they require quite an investment of work and money to install, gas fireplaces are very satisfying heat sources, as well as attractive centerpieces.

Ventless Oakland Fireplaces

If the cost of installing a gas Oakland fireplace is prohibitive, then a more economical option is available: the ventless Oakland fireplace. This kind of fireplace is often called a "faux" fireplace, though the term is misleading, for the fire it contains is real. The difference is that the faux Oakland is portable and requires no complicated installation, only a thirty-minute assembly time. It is also a lot cheaper in price.

The "faux" Oakland fireplace is ventless due to the kind of fuel used: a clean-burning alcohol gel that leaves fewer emissions than an ordinary candle. In fact, the only product left behind in the burning process is a clean water vapor. Because of its environmentally friendly, clean-burning nature, gel-fueled Oakland fireplaces require no ventilation system.

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