Portable Fireplaces

Written by Robert Mac
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Portable fireplaces are the proof that humanity has conquered the elements, or at least one of them. Think back 300,000 years or so: early humans were just beginning to use and understand fire. From then until now, we have sat around fires and used them to heat our homes and cook our meals, sometimes more successfully than others.

But we now have years' of technological advancements under our belts. While original fireplaces were sacred, fragile, and difficult to master, we now have portable fireplaces that anyone can use easily. We still have the same psychological and physiological needs to sit around a fire and watch the flames flicker, but we can accomplish it as if it were nothing.

How Do Portable Fireplaces Work?

At first glance, it seems impossible that a portable fireplace could even exist--how does one pick up a chimney and lug it somewhere else? Of course, we're talking about electric portable fireplaces. Since they are "zero clearance" units that don't need chimneys, you can take them anywhere that you can plug them in.

Essentially, electricity (rather than lumber or gas) creates the heat of a portable electric fireplace, and fans radiate the heat. (Compare this to wood or gas ones, where much of the heat is vented out with the fumes.) Tricky special effects and artificial logs complete the look and fool the eye: people think watching real flames. And when you've had enough, unplug it and park it in another room--it's that simple.

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