Portable Gel Fireplaces

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Portable gel fireplaces are faux fireplaces that use new alcohol-burning fuel technology instead of wood-burning fire, electricity or gas. The confusion sometimes occurs around the word "faux," leading people to believe that the fire isn't real. However, it is. The only difference is in the design of the fireplace, which preserves the traditional fireplace look for purely aesthetic reasons.

However, the traditional wood-burning fireplace requires a chimney to allow smoke and toxic gases to escape. Portable gel fireplaces, since they don't burn wood, create no smoke or toxins. On the contrary, they're the cleanest-burning fireplace on the market, leaving behind absolutely no harmful smoke, vapors, or residues. For this reason, they're also called "ventless fireplaces."

Ventless Portable Fireplaces

This is due to their reliance on environmentally friendly, alcohol-based gel fuels. Isopropyl alcohol is the combustible ingredient that makes the flame. Salts and organic thickeners added to the alcohol help form the gel that burns carefully and in a controlled manner, never with any unpleasant surprises such as the pops, explosions, and flying embers common to wood fires.

The temperature of gel-fueled flames also stays the same, reaching 160° and staying there. Conveniently, gel fuel does not have to be removed from its canister; rather, the canister is placed directly into the belly of the portable fireplace belly and lit like a candle. The fire can be put out instantly by closing the lid. Besides the fuel canisters, fire screens and ceramic wood logs with matching grates complete the portable fireplace package.

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