Stone Fireplace Mantels

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Stone fireplace mantels are bound to enhance the look of almost any decor, traditional or contemporary. You might tend toward aesthetic ultramodern, with white walls, pale upholstery, and steel or wrought iron furniture. The simple lines of a stone or slate mantel jutting out from plaster white walls would complement very nicely with cool earth textures.

Stone Fireplace Mantels FAQs

Remember that the very first fireplaces were cut out of the stone walls of castles in early medieval Europe. Ever since then, stone fireplaces have been appreciated for their stability, substance, and texture. They go well with so many decors, after all. Whether complemented by Oriental carpets, soft upholstery, rich warm wood tones, or perhaps wrought iron accessories and hardware, stone fireplaces will add a real touch of class to your home.

You needn't be concerned about cost, either. If your wallet can't cover the cost of a limestone or marble mantle, you might want to consider cast stone. Far more economical, lightweight, and versatile, cast stone fireplace mantels look just like the real thing. Only a fireplace expert will likely be able to distinguish cast stone from real. The one drawback is that cast stone can scorch.

Available in any number of colors, looks, and styles, stone fireplace mantels will add distinction to your decor. You can also turn a run-of-the-mill afterthought of a corner gas or electric fireplace into the focal point of your entire home. Most of us usually think only in terms of a mantel shelf and surround. Imagine, however, a full wall surround of cast stone--a vista of slate, perhaps, stretching up to a cathedral ceiling with exposed beams. Be bold: use your creativity!

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