Symphony Fireplaces

Written by Robert Mac
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Symphony fireplaces by Dimplex are as beautiful as they are practical. And since the world's leading electric heating company makes them, you know they are built well. Dimplex's commitment to innovation has led to 19 patents for their realistic "wood-burning" flame effects since they designed the world's first truly authentic one in 1997.

Symphony Fireplaces Orchestrate Looks, Efficiency, and Ease of Use

Dimplex's electric fireplaces are a marvel of technology and a blast from the past: they appear to be wood-burning fireplaces, but actually run on electricity and are much more practical than their predecessors. Symphony fireplaces don't have to fear overheating or catching an errant spark, and are therefore made of beautifully polished woods. They look more like armoires than fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces will stay beautiful for a long time, too; you don't have to worry about all the soot and ash that gunk up regular fireplaces. These only run on electricity--no logs or toxic gases to worry about. Which means you don't have to plant it by a chimney or exhaust system. They can live anywhere near a standard outlet.

And since Symphony fireplaces use an electric firebox, they are simple to use. Turn the heat up, turn it down. Make the flames brighter or dimmer. You can even turn the heat off completely if you just want to watch the "flames;" it's actually made by randomly refracted light. Not just simple to use, but simple to install: it takes a couple of people just 15 minutes to assemble it and plug it in. It's music to your eyes.

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