Trivets Of Brass

Written by Charles Peacock
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Putting together a beautiful dining room table can take a lot of work. First, you need a nice table, and perhaps a tablecloth to compliment it. Then you need to get some great silverware--if you're lucky you can get your hands on an antique set handed down through your family. It's the final touches, however, that really make a great dining set. Things like candle holders, napkins and trivets are the finishing touches that add a touch of elegance to your important family meals.

Adding Brass Trivets to Your Dining Set

If you're not familiar with what a "trivet" is (I wasn't either until recently), it is basically a flat plate with three or four legs that is designed to hold large pots or plates when you place them on your dining table. The word "trivet" actually means "three legs," but most trivets you find today (interestingly enough) actually have four legs. If you're putting a burning hot pot on top of the trivet, however, you're not going to argue with the logic behind its name.

If you're still using cloth pot holders at your table, it's probably time to upgrade to some nice trivets. Like any other type of tableware, trivets are available in many different styles and at many different prices. Some of the nicest trivets out there are made of brass, which does not conduct heat as much as other metals and is therefore great for holding hot pots and pans.

Most brass trivets are made with very traditional, hand-carved designs. You can find brass trivets made for specific holidays (featuring a Christmas tree or a turkey, for example), and you can even get trivets with your family initial on them. Depending on the design, fancy trivets usually cost anywhere from $30 to $100 a piece.

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