Unique Fireplace Mantels

Written by Helen Glenn Court
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Unique fireplace mantels are largely a product of individual creativity. The fireplace has been a focal point of the home since well before London made it illegal to build chimneys of clay and wattle because of the risk of fire. The center of the home was the fireplace, after all. Cooking was done there. Heating came from it. Because of all this, fireplaces are powerful design elements.

The architectural style of the mantel and the material of the hearth and the surround set the overall decor theme. But there is far more to a fireplace style than the mantel itself. The fireplace accessories are also design tools. The mantel and hearth are also rich opportunities for creativity. It is the combination of all these factors that define unique fireplace mantels.

Ideas for Unique Fireplace Mantels

How we express ourselves reflects so much about us. One of the obvious ways to do that is in our style of interior decorating. Most of us use our fireplaces only three or four months at best. The rest of the time, the hearth is empty and cold. If suddenly you have creator's block, buy several interior design magazines. Go online and browse the HGTV website, just for a start.

You'll get all sorts of ideas of the objects you already own that you can use. It's the combination of decorative items you display, remember, that define unique fireplace mantels. Faux painting effects and tile surrounds, of course, are wonderful. But there's more. The real versatility of fireplaces is that you can change the look easily, quickly, inexpensively, and often. Rearrange the candle groupings. Put dried flowers in the hearth in the autumn. Arrange antique photographs and potpourri bowls. Display your collection of cloisonné eggs in the springtime.

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