Ventless Fireplaces

Written by Robert Mac
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Ventless fireplaces don't need a vent, exhaust system, flue, or any other type of escape hatch for toxic fumes; the only requirement is an electrical outlet, thank you very much. See, ventless fireplaces aren't your standard wood-burning type you'll find under a chimney--although you certainly can use one there. Rather, they are electric fireplaces that don't have anything to vent anywhere.

Electric fireplaces are the next evolutionary step after the ones we picture in our heads, with logs burning and smoke puffing out of the chimney tops. But just as we evolved and lost our tails, fireplaces likewise matured and lost their vents. And the dancing flames have been replaced with refracted light that looks like a fire, but without the heat.

Ventless Fireplaces Can Be Used Anywhere Ventless

That's just the first advantage of an electric fireplace: you aren't tied down to a ventilation system or a chimney. You can set one up anywhere and not worry that the building inspector is going to flag you for not being up to code. Any place that's ventless (and has a 120-volt outlet) is a legal place for an electric fireplace: studies, dens, small bedrooms, even basements.

And since they are powered by electricity, ventless fireplaces are easy to use and control. If you want more heat, you just hit the right button--what could be easier? No logs, no smoke, and no ashes, either. Just a flickering fireplace that you can use--easily--wherever you want.

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