Ventless Portable Fireplaces

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Ventless portable fireplaces fulfill several different purposes at once. For one, they provide your home with the quintessential fixture you've always wanted: a fireplace. There is nothing like a fireplace to give your home that special touch. Ventless fireplaces can also solve daunting interior design problems such as helping you spruce up a drab, boring room. They also provide a bit of extra heat to make any room cozier and more intimate.

However, what sets these fireplaces apart from all the others is that they are truly portable. This enables you to take advantage of them whenever you see the need: moving them from one wall to another, one room to another, or even one home to another. This extends even to the most basic problem with traditional fireplaces: the installation. With portable fireplaces, there is no such thing as installation, for they're as freestanding as space heaters.

Taking Ventless Portable Fireplaces with You

One of the most attractive features of ventless fireplaces is their convenience every step of the way, from their initial assembly to lighting and putting out the fire. Unlike vented natural gas fireplaces, ventless fireplaces don't need a gas hookup. This means that they can be located in any kind of dwelling, whether you live in a rental apartment or a mobile home.

If you're having a party on the back patio, you can easily move your fireplace outside for the occasion. You can even take it along with you when you move. Its safe design, which relies on canisters of gel fuel rather than wood sticks, charcoal, gas or lighter fluid, ensures that you can move it almost anywhere and use it safely without risk--provided you follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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