Wood Stove Fans

Written by Charles Peacock
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Wood stoves are a great way to heat a room, or even your whole house. If you're thinking about buying a wood stove (or even if you already have one), it's important to also think about how you're going to circulate the hot air coming off of the stove. There are many types of fans available that can be mounted to the back of your stove--and even placed on top--that will help you send the hot air where you need it most.

Varieties of Wood Stove Fans

Many newer wood stoves actually come with a blower fan mounted on the stove itself. This fan is used to create negative pressure in the stove pipe so that smoke and exhaust can easily and effectively move from the stove itself into the chimney pipe. This type of fan will keep your stove running properly, but it won't do much for heat circulation.

If you're only looking to heat a single room, a great solution is a stove-top fan. This type of fan is designed to sit on top of your stove, and actually runs without any sort of outside electricity. It uses the heat of the stove to power the fan blade, so when the stove heats up the fan begins spinning, sending hot air out into the room instead of directly up towards the ceiling.

If you want to use your stove to heat other rooms in your house, you'll probably need to install some sort of ductwork to move the heat around. Ducts can work quite efficiently on their own if the rooms you want to heat are on the floors above the stove (since hot air naturally rises through the ducts). It may be necessary, however, to install fans in the ducts to pull the hot air and move it to where you want it to go.

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