American Flag Bunting

Written by Donald Sparacin
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This year for your big Fourth of July barbecue you probably don't want to decorate with crape paper--it is better to use American flag bunting instead. Who hasn't taken all the time to wrap their deck with red, white, and blue crape paper only to see the colors run all over the wood? It gets humid in July, and the paper seems to stretch out and become completely distorted and unsightly.

American Flag Bunting Makes a Better Overall Impression

American flag bunting shows your patriotism and style like nothing else can. Many choose to use American flag bunting that comes in a continuous repetition of small American flags, end to end to form a long row of flags. They use this like they would the crape paper previously mentioned to decorate railings or to wrap around pillars. It can also be used effectively with twinkle lights for evening decoration at a party.

Another form of American flag bunting is the banner type that usually comes in a half-moon shape. These work well as hangers from porch railings or as gazebo decoration. Most are cloth or nylon and hold up well when that unexpected summer storm pops up. This is the type of banner that we all see at political rallies and conventions.

No matter which type of American flag bunting you decide to use, you will surely enjoy the results. Your friends and family will comment on your choice of decorations positively. It will be a vast improvement over cheaper material in both appearance and durability. Unlike the traditional decorations that you throw away after a day of use, a good American flag bunting will be available year after year and party after party.

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