Christmas Flag

Written by Donald Sparacin
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A Christmas flag is a lovely way to decorate for the season. Along with the twinkle lights and garland, a Christmas flag makes a wonderful overall impression to passers-by. These colorful ways to express your seasonal joy are weatherproof and durable. They store into small places and will serve you well year after year.

Various Themes for the Christmas Flag

The Christmas season flag can be religious, simply seasonal, or feature a wide assortment of different symbols. Quite often a Christmas flag will feature a Santa Claus or reindeer. Candy canes and holly are other typical adornments on the Christmas flag. Still others display wreaths and snowmen.

The Christmas season flag can also be a religious symbol. Given the actual meaning of the holiday, a Christmas holiday flag featuring a Nativity scene is a wonderful way of expressing your joy over the birth of Jesus. When representing a more religious themed Christmas flag a wreath of fresh pine and a few lighted candles are a more subdued and less garish way to decorate.

No matter whether you prefer to go all out and run your electric bill into four digits and be seen from space, or go quiet and respectful with a simple wreath, a Christmas themed flag goes perfectly in tune with your theme. It's a symbol that shows that you know something about decorating and taste.

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