Decorative Outdoor Flag

Written by Donald Sparacin
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There is a decorative outdoor flag for every season and every reason. Spring brings out the colorful butterfly flags that we fly on our front porches. Winter brings out the Christmas themed decorative outdoor flag that we store away until just the right time along with the twinkle lights and garland. Halloween has its own collection of flags to fly above the trick-or-treaters as they ring our doorbells.

A Decorative Outdoor Flag Says Things about Us

A decorative outdoor flag featuring a pineapple is supposed to say welcome. We place these beside our front doors to let others know that we are friendly and welcoming people. Then there are the flags sporting a "Jolly Roger" or a shotgun toting man with an angry face and the words, "Go Away!" It's pretty easy to realize that the people in that house do not encourage visitors.

Religious holiday flags can tell others the religion that we are, and that we believe enough to share our beliefs publicly. Yet, what message does the Santa Claus flag say about us? Perhaps that we believe in capitalism? At Easter, we fly bunny flags and colored egg flags. Here again, the message indicates a religious belief, yet one that has somehow become slightly distorted.

Perhaps too much analysis with respect to decorative outdoor flags is a bad thing. They're pretty, they're colorful, and they say that the people of the house enjoy decoration. It's usually nice to drive down a street and see a nicely kept lawn and garden and a decorative flag on a house. People who take pride in their homes and fly a pretty flag outside are telling the world that they care about their property and that they aren't afraid to show it. That in itself says plenty about the people of the house that fly a decorative flag.

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