Dog Flag

Written by Donald Sparacin
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A dog flag can mean many things to many people. A dog flag can be the reproduction of your favorite breed that lets your neighbors see who's barking behind your front door. A dog flag can also be the rough looking Devil Dog that the Marine Corps proudly display, or the bulldog flag that went into war with the Confederate army. For the purpose of this article, we will concentrate on the friendlier versions of the dog flag.

The Dog Flag and the Pet Owner

There is a dog flag for virtually every species of dog. Whether your favorite dog is an Airedale terrier or a Yorkshire terrier there is a flag that you can wave to show your love for it. Perhaps you've lost your favorite companion and a replacement just won't do. A dog flag specific to your best friend can hang over your front door to remind you of that wagging tail and friendly bark that used to greet you.

Many of us with children that have lost pets to old age or speeding cars have mini cemeteries in our back yard. The kids usually mark the spot with their pal's favorite toy or a poorly constructed monument of some kind. Wouldn't a flag with a true likeness of the lost friend make a better and classier grave marker? The children will thank you and remember with fondness their times together.

A dog pennant or flag is also a great way to show your support of the breed. It says that you are a true animal lover to anyone walking near your home. Passing dog walkers might stop and let you pet their favorite buddy and perhaps a new friendship could ensue. No matter what the reason, a dog themed flag is a visual symbol of your love and devotion to your best friend. Fly it with love.

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