Garden Mini Flag

Written by Donald Sparacin
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A well-kept flower garden with a garden mini flag or two is a thing of beauty. Small outdoor flags that show beehives, hummingbirds, and the like add to the beauty of the flowers. They also add color when the weather turns against the sprouting of seasonal flowers and plants. Like most flags, the garden mini flag is just another way that people demonstrate that they go the extra mile to show that they take pride in their grounds.

The Garden Mini Flag Doesn't Always Need A Garden

A garden mini flag can be a small American flag that marks the grave of a fallen soldier. Arlington National Cemetery is a field of red, white and blue in tribute to our nation's finest men and women. In fact, every cemetery in America will have hundreds of small flags marking the graves of loved ones that have served in the military. When we visit our departed loved ones on national holidays we always bring a small outdoor United States of America flag to honor their service.

They can also adorn a flower box for the city dweller who doesn't have a garden. Many people who live in apartments and condos enjoy window box or fire escape gardens. What better way to adorn these little gardens than with a tiny colorful flag? If hummingbirds don't come to your home in the city, put a hummingbird flag in your window box and enjoy what the country folk see.

The garden mini flag is a small outdoor flag that is made to endure inclement weather. Many people use small American flags in their gardens to show their patriotism, and add to the colors. They fly in any weather and always say something about the people of the house. It's just another step in making a statement about who you are, and the impression you would like to convey about yourself.

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