International Flag

Written by Donald Sparacin
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An international flag is the representative symbol of a country. Every country on the planet has a flag that says something about who they are as people and is their rallying point. One simply needs to conjure up the image of the United Nations building in New York to realize that a flag is represented for every member nation. The international flag is also a great way for Americans to show their heritage.

An International Flag Beside an American Flag

An international flag representing ones heritage can make for a great home entry display beside an American flag. It tells the world where the occupants came from, and where their allegiance is today. Italian-Americans for instance fly the three vertical green, white and red stripes beside the red, white and blue. The Israeli flag is a field of white with a blue Star of David in the center.

One international flag that quite closely resembles the American flag is that of Liberia. Liberia is a country that was founded by freed slaves, and it got its constitution and flag design from the United States. This international flag is virtually identical to that of the United States. There are eleven stripes instead of our thirteen, and in the star field Liberia's flag features one white star.

It's great to feel pride in one's heritage, and an international flag is a great way to show that pride. Yet one should remember where they currently live and be sure to fly both flags. Their heritage flag should always be flown lower than the United States flag to meet the requirements of U.S. flag etiquette. Fly them both proudly.

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