Nylon Flag

Written by Donald Sparacin
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A nylon flag is a weatherproof, durable way to show your support. The synthetic fabric is lightweight and even the slightest breeze will have it flapping beautifully. Nylon is a close weave fiber that holds up well in any environment, and is the perfect material for a flag. A nylon flag will provide many years of use.

The United States of America Nylon Flag and Others

A nylon flag is suitable for all weather. Under United States Code, Title 36, only an all-weather United States of America flag may be flown in inclement weather, and a nylon flag is one of the few considered acceptable. All schools in the United States are required to display the flag during daylight hours, and the cost of replacement would be severe if not for the durability of nylon. Most companies also use a United States of America nylon flag to fly above their own company logo flag.

The United States of America flag isn't the only one made of nylon. Many schools, churches, businesses, and other groups use a nylon flag to identify themselves. Better garden flags are made of nylon, as are most seasonal flags. Of course there are many plastic flags that adorn our homes and yards, but the effect just isn't the same. Plastic may hold up to the rain, but it just doesn't wave in the breeze the way nylon does.

Cotton makes for nice flag material, but it isn't waterproof. Cotton will absorb and hold so much water that it will eventually tear away from the pole on which it is supported. Nylon does not hold water, it repels it. When considering a show of support, consider the nylon flag first.

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