Patriotic Banner

Written by Donald Sparacin
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An American patriotic banner can be virtually any size and shape, but they always share the traditional red, white and blue colors. The official United States of America flag is a fixed proportional shape, and by law cannot be altered. Yet for political rallies and other events, a patriotic banner has no set rules or guidelines. They can be as creative as the manufacturer likes.

The Patriotic Banner Isn't Standard

A patriotic banner can be used for virtually any function. Most politicians use them at support rallies with the candidate's name and likeness as the featured aspect, and the traditional colors and stars wherever the marketers feel would be most advantageous. The sign is supposed to indicate that the candidate is "all-American." We, the voters, are supposed to feel a stirring of patriotism by seeing the stars and colors, and we are supposed to associate the candidate with that feeling.

Many times, these banners can bear a slogan or other words that will inspire or rally. Following 9/11, most Americans saw patriotic banners everywhere stating the words, "United We Stand." Others said, "America, Love It or Leave It." We see them on car bumpers, on billboards, and every conceivable place that Americans converge. These signs helped to bring the country together following the tragic event.

Many stores use a these banners to announce a Fourth of July sale, President's Day sale, or Columbus Day sale. They seek to bring in business by saying that they support the country and that you should support them because of it. The patriotic banner is used for countless things by countless causes and in countless ways. There is nothing at all standard about them except that the sight of them is meant to inspire a sense of national pride.

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