Pow Mia Flag

Written by Donald Sparacin
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For those of us who are of the age that saw our friends and family go off to war in Vietnam, there is nothing as dramatic as the POW MIA flag. The wife of a missing soldier in Vietnam created the POW MIA flag in 1971. It symbolizes the frustration and vigilance of people who want our captured or missing troops returned, alive or dead. The POW MIA flag also represents our determination to never forget those who have been forgotten by our enemies. The initials stand for "Prisoner Of War" and "Missing In Action."

The POW MIA Flag is a Stark Reminder

The POW MIA flag is a stark reminder that many brave men are still unaccounted for by the nation of Vietnam. Efforts have been made to find the remains of the missing, and the new unified country of Vietnam continues to insist that there are no prisoners still in custody. Yet there still are many questions left unanswered. The Pentagon, in 1973 changed the classification of roughly 2,500 men from "missing in action" to "killed." But were they?

When the Pentagon changed the classification of those missing and presumed dead in 1973, there were still records that indicated that 138 were still prisoners of war. That information led many to believe that the re-classification was more of negotiated shift than one of knowledge. It stirred great debate and concern for the families that sought answers about their missing relatives, and the POW MIA flag started appearing everywhere. It bears the words, "YOU ARE NOT FORGOTTEN."

The POW MIA flag is our way of saying that we will not be satisfied until every last one of our brave men are home. The POW MIA flag tells the world that we remember the sacrifices and pain that the families still endure. While the war is long since ended, the men who served and were taken from us are still in our hearts and prayers. Show your thanks to the families, and tell our leaders that you too will never forget by flying the POW MIA flag every day until the answers finally come about these lost souls.

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