Seasonal Flag

Written by Donald Sparacin
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There is a seasonal flag for every season, and they make for a nice decoration to any home. Many homeowners who want to make a statement about their home will have a United States of America flag on one side of their door and a seasonal flag on the other. They store their flags in easily accessible places because many people will change their flags often.

A Seasonal Flag for Every Season

For many the year begins with spring, and their seasonal flag for spring will usually feature plenty of flowers. Spring flags are always colorful, with pastels in yellow, and green to highlight what is happening in their owner's yards. Butterflies are a common decoration on this seasonal flag, as are robins and bluebirds.

As summer comes around, the colors on the seasonal flag usually deepen to reds and blues. Hummingbirds are popular, as are favorite pet species like cats and dogs. American flags are popular for summer since Flag Day and the Fourth of July are honored. Other patriotic flags in the traditional colors are also in vogue during the dog days of summer.

As fall arrives, the colors on the seasonal flag begin to represent the earth tones of the season. Brown like the falling leaves, gold like the leaves that are changing, and orange all work well. Many fall flags will feature the turkey that we eat on Thanksgiving and others will have the traditional Pilgrim hat or pumpkin.

Winter colors on the seasonal flag will feature red and green. Those are the traditional Christmas colors. Others can be found in blue, red and white to mimic the falling snow and still feature bright vibrant color to contrast the drabness of the days. Reindeer, holly, snowmen, and the like are the featured adornments during the season to be jolly.

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