Us Flag Blankets

Written by Beth Hrusch
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Display of the flag can be done in many ways. The flag can be flown over a yard or incorporated into clothing. It can also be a part of a home's decor, and many people like to decorate in a patriotic theme. One way to display the flag in the home is with flag blankets, which can be used throughout the house and also given as gifts. They are a colorful home accent, as well as a creative way to express one's patriotic spirit.

Flag Blankets and Other Accessories

The Stars and Stripes can tastefully adorn almost any household item. Some popular items include bedding and pillows, quilts, throws and draperies. A blanket can incorporate the flag in an abstract way by using the colors and stars as part of its design. Almost any home accessory will add style and color to a room when done in red, white, and blue.

A flag blanket makes a unique gift for a July baby or a summer wedding. Blankets adorned with the various state flags are also available, as well as the flags of the military branches. As with any American flag, a flag blanket should be treated respectfully, folded properly and not allowed to touch the floor. A flag blanket used for display only may be hung on the wall or draped over a piece of furniture.

Flag blankets and other home accessories bring patriotic spirit into the home and offer a daily reminder of the traditions that all Americans share. They make wonderful gifts for any occasion. For an interesting conversation piece, try an historic flag blanket. Learn about the many early American flags and wow your guests with your knowledge of the flags of America's colonial past! A flag blanket can add color and personality to any room.

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