Us Flag Pictures

Written by Beth Hrusch
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The U.S. flag has been depicted in American art for many years. Through this medium, the flag has played a role in promoting American values almost since the first days of the Republic. The Stars and Stripes can be seen in paintings, posters and other print media either as the focus of attention or as part of a larger scene. Its presence always adds a distinctly American touch.

U.S. Flag Pictures Send a Message

In many cases the American flag has been, and continues to be, used to send a message to the public both in the U.S. and in foreign nations. During the World Wars, for example, the flag was used extensively as part of the war effort. Everything from recruiting posters to war bonds displayed the flag as a way of inspiring patriotism in American citizens. The flag was something to rally around, as a symbol of the values for which soldiers were fighting.

In early American art, the flag is often seen in the background of paintings depicting American landscapes. The U.S. flag continues to be a source for artistic inspiration today, and features prominently in print advertising and other kinds of commercial media. Flag pictures remain popular elements of American decor, and the colors of the flag are often worked into abstract motifs that provide a modern translation of the traditional flag design.

The U.S. flag seems to lend itself to artistic expression. Its striking colors and majestic iconography speak to all Americans who have been raised on the values of patriotism and sacrifice. It has been a part of the American landscape almost from the birth of the nation, and it remains a part of America's cultural heritage as expressed in its art.

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