Wood Flagpoles

Written by Liza Hartung
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Wood flagpoles have the ability to be the most elegant and decorative of the flagpole family. After all, you can't carve creative designs into fiberglass and aluminum. Wood flagpoles first came about with the ancient wooden sailing ships that were used to sail the world and discover new lands. Everything about these ships, including their flagpoles, was ornate, decorative and had meaning.

These early wood poles were made of vertical grain conifers. The historic use of wood poles is why many places wishing to maintain a feel of tradition will opt for them. If you were setting up a historic park or a heritage home, a fiberglass or aluminum flagpole would be entirely out of place. When you want things to feel earthy, colonial or traditional in any way, wood is generally the way to go.

Wood flagpoles are perfect for anywhere where there is to be historic significance such as town squares, parks, schools, country clubs, municipal buildings and more. Traditionally, wood poles are square at the base and work their way into a kind of octagonal shape or something equally as decorative.

Caring for Wood

Unlike aluminum and fiberglass, wood flagpoles require extra care. When you order them, look for companies that provide a protective outer coating to help ward away the effects of everyday weather. In addition, find a company that makes poles that are up to modern wind load engineering specifications. If the pole will often be in the path of wind, you want to make sure it's steady.

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