Wood Pole

Written by Donald Sparacin
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You want to show your patriotism by flying the United States of America flag outside our home, but do you go with a wood pole, metal pole, or fiberglass pole? To some the choice is simple. If you want the finest, you will use a wood pole.

Benefits of a Wood Pole to Support Your Flag

First and foremost, a wood pole makes a better overall impression. Made from selected hardwoods, the wood pole usually comes highly polished and lacquered. It goes well against any siding, whether it be brick, wood, or vinyl, and it makes a statement about you. It says that you went the extra step to display your flag with the best pole there is.

Unlike the cheap aluminum poles that come with the cheap flags at the home centers, a wood pole won't bend and break in a strong wind. They are highly durable and weather quite nicely. There will be no rust or corrosion to mar your flag, and the thin coat of white paint won't fade or peel.

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